Processing Prices

All prices are based on hanging rail weights.

Slaughter: .10 lb (Minimum $50)
Processing: .58 lb. (includes cutting, wrapping, double grinding hamburger and freezing.)
Processing: .83 lb (vacuum package)
Tenderizing: .25 lb.
Patties: .50 lb.
Offal: $15.00
$.05 Additional charge for 1/4's and 1/3's
Minimum orders of Summer Sausage, Sticks & Jerky = 25 lb. 

Slaughter: $30.00 per head .10/lb over 300 lb dressed
Processing: .58 lb.  Vacuum Package: .83 lb.
Curing: .60 lb.
Links: .60 lb.
Brats: 1.69 lb.
Patties: .30 lb.

Other items offered are: Bratwaurst, Italian Sausage, Rope Sausage and Deer Processing.