About Us...Serving Northeast Missouri for Over 60 Years!

Center Locker has served thousands of customers for over 60 years. Since 1979, owners Dennis and Debbie McMillen have prepared quality Missouri State inspected beef, pork and deer to customers throughout Missouri and surrounding states. McMillen's Center Locker offers whole and half beef bundles and pork bundles at competitive prices. The Center Locker is known for their award winning cured hams and smoked bacon.

Another portion of the business is deer processing. Each year, the employees at the Center Locker process over 1,000 deer from Northeast Missouri. The Center Locker produces mouth watering deer sticks and summer sausage.

While the bulk of the business is beef, pork and deer, McMillen also processes about 20-25 elk brought in by local residents from their hunting trips to Montana or Wyoming.

The Center Locker practices solid small-town values and continues to provide people with the finest quality meat in the area, friendly service and dedication to the needs of the customers.

Center Locker is a member of the Missouri Association of Meat Processors.